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#1 Best selling Amazon

We are part of the best selling book series now on its 5th book of how we can help teach families how to become BULLYPROOF.  Through our program you will learn and help your children take back control from bullies in a non violent way and have the self esteem and confidence every human being deserves no matter how tall or small.

#1 Family Martial Arts Program in High Wycombe

Whether beginner or advance you will find a home in our classes.  All your favorite martial arts techniques and skills from old brought to you and taught to you in a 21st century way. You chart your course. We'll be the compass.

Safe not Scared

Are unique one of a kind program Safe not Scared refocus the old Stranger Danger that is stuck in the 1970's and focuses on teaching children: - Knowledge to recognise danger, rather than strangers

- Skills to get away (the what to do, rather than just what NOT to do)

- Confidence to enjoy the outside world, rather than be frightened of it.

Family classes

There's strength in Training together. True statement!

From our foundation program to our black belt leadership program and everything in between, there's one to fit your goals. Chances are, there's one to fit your schedule perfectly. Even better, they're packed with motivated, fully trained instructors who'll inspire and help your family reach their goals both individual and as a unit.