Lets face it, most women are just not equipped to deal with a real world attack. In the worst case scenario (ambushed or attacked from behind) you HAD BETTER know exactly how to react, without hesitation and without thinking. There is just no time for anything else. 

What is Tiger Defensive Arts?

Tiger Defensive Arts is a Non-Sport, reality based, street self defense system heavily rooted in advanced combatives concepts, human biomechanics and the real life experiences of its' founder. It was created to explore and test the most efficient and intelligent methods of problem solving possible in regards to mentally and physically violent confrontations. With this in mind, the program explains the interaction of psychological concepts with the understanding of our body's natural actions and reactions under the stress and threat of violence. The synthesis of these concepts allows us to quickly take the student to a whole new level of functional ability. 


What Can I Expect From This Program?
We teach women 16+ what to do in worst case scenarios (dirty fighting - protect yourself at all costs) followed by mindset, awareness and avoidance techniques.

Mythbusting: Why Do Groin Kicks Fail?
We will teach you what functions and what does not. Learn how to avoid dangerous misinformation and uncover the difference between truth and fantasy.

Is Prior Experience Required?
No, in-fact we love to work with beginners as we can teach them the correct things to do from the very start. If you have some experience though, then we have other classes that you may enjoy even more!

Will This Work In The Real World?
Not all attacks happen in well lit areas, in fact most occur were lighting is poor or nonexistent. Our material will give you the upper hand no matter what lighting condition you find yourself in. Who else can promise that AND deliver?